Regional Housing

Regional Housing approached us to guide them through an exciting post-merger rebrand and redesign of their website, that is accessible, modern and will support them through future growth phases.

Spark Identity crafted a rich, flexible brand identity centred around the three main concepts of housing, people and a ribbon.

Combining the person and house elements allows us to capture the breadth of Regional Housing’s services that extend beyond accommodation and showcase their heart for caring for individual stories.

The ribbon was brought into the logo and as a supporting brand element to represent continuity of care and the wholistic approach to human needs that Regional Housing takes.

From here, we extended their stunning new branding across merchandise, flyers and brochures, business cards and letterheads, custom-built email signatures, trophies and certificates, signage, internal templates and styleguides, and so much more.

200% increase in online applications

As part of the rebrand process, we undertook a complete rebuild of the Regional Housing website in WordPress. Starting with a content audit and customer journey mapping, we completely reimagined their site structure and UI, bringing in modern functionality such as accessibility options, quick link modules and a simple tenant hub. As a result of this UI/UX overhall, Regional Housing saw a 200% increase in applications for housing and support via their web-based forms, from 59 enquiries in the 9 weeks prior to site refresh to 177 enquiries in the 9 weeks post.

We also adapted their print annual report into an interactive ‘Year In Review’ page on their website.

A deep dive into identity

Before jumping on the tools, we led Regional Housing’s Executive Team through our Brand Discovery Workshop, helping them work through their individual and collective thoughts as to where their brand currently was, and where they wanted it to be positioned in the near future. Our time together solidified their brand positioning, tone of voice, and overall personality. The session also helped us all streamline their various audiences into three general groups for individual messaging and communications strategies. Our team walked away with confidence that we deeply understood Regional Housing’s needs, identity and audience, and were able to approach creating their new brand concepts with ease.


Making accessibility the norm

Regional Housing plays an important role within the community, so accessibility of the new website was of paramount importance. All design elements were created with WCAG AAA guidelines in mind. Elements such as external links and download links were styled with extra icons for context. We also integrated the Userway accessibility platform with the site, adding a widget with multiple accessible design options.

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