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Bespoke, bold branding

We specialise in creating bold, strategically designed brands that are authentic to you and your audience.

We don’t have a set brand design style or niche – we work strategically with you and your business’s needs, experimenting until we create a truly unique identity that captures your audience’s attention.

Our branding  solutions

A cartoon hand holding a stamp that says 'brand', showing different logo styles and representative of brand design.

Responsive brand design

We don’t make a logo – we design a strategic, responsive branding suite. You get a showstopper ‘primary logo’, plus ‘secondary logos’ and a ‘submark’ for a wider range of uses. ‘Responsive’ means that your branding is recognisable and readable across all applications where smaller and less detailed ‘secondary logos’ or ‘submarks’ need to be used. We also equip you with comprehensive guidelines on how to use your new brand out in the world!

Brand discovery workshops

Embark on a transformative journey with our brand discovery workshops, designed to get your company’s decision makers in one room at the start of a rebrand design project. With our guidance, you’ll uncover the essence of your brand, refine your voice and messaging, and lock down your unique identity through collaborative sessions. These workshops are essential to empower your team and align your vision with our strategy.

Branded collateral

Take your branding one step further and make a lasting impression with meticulously designed branded collateral. Elevate your professional image with cohesive business cards, letterheads, email signatures, captivating brochures and so much more! Branded collateral is where a responsive brand starts to really shine as you see the whole concept come to life across every touchpoint.

Product photography

Showcase your products in the best light with our expert product photography services. Used to create stunning e-commerce sites, printed catalogues and promotional materials, our visually compelling images capture the unique features and quality of your products. With a professional backdrop and light setups and over a decade’s experience in retouching and etching, we can create a stunning catalogue of all your goods.

Social media templates

Amplify your social media presence effortlessly with our custom-branded Canva templates. Tailored to your brand aesthetics, these templates ensure that you can maintain a consistent and eye-catching visual identity across your social platforms. By giving you the templates, we empower you to create engaging content with ease as you need it, rather than having to rely on a designer for each post.

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